eCommerce templates represent default design layouts of online stores that can be utilized as a perfect substitution for professional web developers and designers. The vast majority of free eCommerce templates offer the same level of functionality as the ones that are provided for a certain amount of money (premium templates). If you are looking for free eCommerce website templates in Canada, you should know that there are thousands of free templates that come with professional, inventive, and attractive appearance. So, modern eCommerce website owners don’t have to spend a ton of money on store design because they can get modern, high-quality layouts without paying a dime.

The simplest way to create an online store for free is to rely on the free eCommerce template offered by WordPress. But, in this case, you must set up your future online store with the help of this content management system and select one of the many templates.

Even though WordPress was created as a platform that is focused on blog owners and allows them to create blogs from zero, they also have some great free eCommerce templates for individuals and organizations that want to create online stores. Many WordPress-powered websites are actually eCommerce websites where Internet shoppers can find different goods like furniture, clothing, games, toys and many other things. The free eCommerce website templates provided by WordPress have a user-friendly, minimalistic design. Although you will get a chance to manage the design of the online store, this platform doesn’t provide marketing and management tools for free.

In case you are interested in using another solution to create an online store, you will probably have to select one of the many eCommerce software options. These specially designed platforms also offer templates, but they usually require a monthly fee. Some of them have free templates too. But, the premium templates usually have higher quality compared to the free ones. Keep in mind that the overall success of your online store depends on the appearance functionality of your website and the template you choose plays a vital role. However, if you still want to use a free eCommerce template, you can do this successfully by spending some time doing research.

The good thing is that you can test the templates you like for free. So, all you need is time and a good source where you can download free templates.


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