It doesn’t take much time before a person finds a free eCommerce website builder in USA. The fact is that these builders are quite popular and new ones are popping up almost on a daily basis. Of course, they are not created equal and some of them are better. Those of you in the US planning to create an online store/eCommerce website should focus on the best free eCommerce website builder in USA. Due to the fact that we don’t know your goals (number of products, number of sales, industry etc.), we will reveal a list of a few great free eCommerce website builders used by many people in the United States of America.

Zen Cart

It’s good to mention that Zen Cart was created to help people that don’t have a technical knowledge to create eCommerce websites. Zen Cart users are satisfied with the high level of security and safety that this platform provides. It also helps users scale up when necessary without any problems. Creating an online store with the help of Zen Cart is very easy and simple. Even though this eCommerce website builder doesn’t have dedicated customer support it does provide guides and help files.


When we compare OpenCart to other options that we have on this list, we must say that OpenCart is one of the simplest platforms that you can find on the market today. It’s ideal for startups and one of the best things about it is that you can easily customize most of the elements of your website. OpenCart may not have all the features that paid eCommerce website builders have, but it does offer all the basic features.


If we have to point out the best things about osCommerce we will have to highlight their online customer support. There is no direct support, but most of the questions have been already answered and you can find them listed on their website. Users are free to make extensive customizations.


JigoShop is an easy to use open source eCommerce website, builder. Many people say that it works in a similar way like WooCommerce and that it’s ideal for beginners. JigoShop has a long list of themes in its offer and most of them look attractive. You can edit the code if you want to without any hassles. This platform also allows integration with many software tools and solutions.


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