Magento has Made Few free ecommerce website templates that are available in Canada


Designing an ecommerce is a difficult task that gets really overwhelming really quickly for a lot of people and when you think about it, there are a lot of good reasons for it. First of all it can be very expensive, then you need to be careful to think about every single detail and on top of all of that you need to make sure that the site looks amazing while being completely ecommerce-ready and efficient. One of the best ways to deal with the design aspect is to use a great template, and as far as those go Magento has some of the best ones. Today we are going to take a look at the free ecommerce website templates in Canada that are designed by this provider, so keep on reading to find out more about them.


Perfect for any food based business, this free ecommerce template is the perfect one to use when you want to put some of your imagination in the ecommerce. This is a template that is very responsive and it’s made to work on every kind of device and because of the simple and clean design it can also be pretty versatile and used for other kinds of businesses, as long as you put that imagination to work and make it happen. This is a great template for a business that depends on presenting their products with incredible images because you’ll be able to post high resolution pictures on the clean and smooth layout.


Even though this is a free ecommerce website template in Canada, it still comes with all of the essential elements that you would need in order to create a fully-functional ecommerce website on a free website builder  It has a very clean and minimal design which is the best kind of design in a template because it will make it much more versatile and allow it to be used for any kind of business. That same minimal design is also the perfect way for you to put all of the attention on your products instead of the background of the home page and the grayscale colors that are completely convertible are the perfect thing to compliment this. You can choose any skin you want, red, gray, blue, green or orange and simply make all of the adjustments you need to make and add your own materials to it.


If you are the owner of a furniture store, especially one that has a lot of innovative designs, then this template is the perfect one for you to let those unique designs shine. The features that come with Kasitoo are a perfect combination of modern and trendy and the layout, which is really simple and totally clutter-free, is the perfect way for you to let your pieces take center stage. Apart from coming with every necessary feature that you will need to run a successful ecommerce store, this template also comes with a blog section where you will have the perfect opportunity to interact with your customers. As we already mentioned, the template puts your products in focus and it does that by allowing you to post big product images that are high resolution. There is also the really convenient “hover to add to cart” feature that will give your customers the ability to act quickly without having to go on the product page.



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Finding the perfect template can be difficult, but once you do it will make the search totally worth it. Luckily, there free ecommerce website templates in Canada offer you a lot of possibility, as you can see by these great examples from Magento, so make sure you check them out because one of them might fit your business perfectly.